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DR. David G Levinsohn

An orthopedic surgeon in San Diego, California and is affiliated with Sharp Memorial Hospital. He graduated from University of the Witwatersrand in 1986 and has been in practice for 31 years. He completed a residency at University of Washington School of Medicine. Dr. Levinsohn also specializes in Sports Medicine.

With experience and empathy, he trys to develop an excellent rapport with all his patients so that he can understand and deliver the best possible care for each person. He is known to ease tension from time to time with a little humor.

Orthopedic surgery is a rapidly changing specialty. In 2010 he was re-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and was certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery’s newly created subspecialty of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. He is also a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the California Orthopaedic Association, and a Qualified Medical Examiner for injured workers in the State of California.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a procedure that orthopaedic surgeons use to inspect, diagnose, and repair problems inside a joint.

Shoulder arthroscopy has been performed since the 1970s. It has made diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from surgery easier and faster than was once thought possible. Improvements to shoulder arthroscopy occur every year as new instruments and techniques are developed.

Your shoulder is a complex joint that is capable of more motion than any other joint in your body. It is made up of three bones: your upper arm bone (humerus), your shoulder blade (scapula), and your collarbone (clavicle).

Ball and socket. The head of your upper arm bone fits into a rounded socket in your shoulder blade. This socket is called the glenoid. A slippery tissue called articular cartilage covers the surface of the ball and the socket. It creates a smooth, frictionless surface that helps the bones glide easily across each other.

The glenoid is ringed by strong fibrous cartilage called the labrum. The labrum forms a gasket around the socket, adds stability, and cushions the joint.

Shoulder capsule. The joint is surrounded by bands of tissue called ligaments. They form a capsule that holds the joint together. The undersurface of the capsule is lined by a thin membrane called the synovium. It produces synovial fluid that lubricates the shoulder joint.

Rotator cuff. Four tendons surround the shoulder capsule and help keep your arm bone centered in your shoulder socket. This thick tendon material is called the rotator cuff. The cuff covers the head of the humerus and attaches it to your shoulder blade.

Bursa. There is a lubricating sac called a bursa between the rotator cuff and the bone on top of your shoulder (acromion). The bursa helps the rotator cuff tendons glide smoothly when you move your arm.

When Shoulder Arthroscopy Is Recommended

Your doctor may recommend shoulder arthroscopy if you have a painful condition that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is one of your body’s normal reactions to injury or disease. In an injured or diseased shoulder joint, inflammation causes swelling, pain, and stiffness.

Injury, overuse, and age-related wear and tear are responsible for most shoulder problems. Shoulder arthroscopy may relieve painful symptoms of many problems that damage the rotator cuff tendons, labrum, articular cartilage, and other soft tissues surrounding the joint.

Common arthroscopic procedures include:

  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Bone spur removal
  • Removal or repair of the labrum
  • Repair of ligaments
  • Removal of inflamed tissue or loose cartilage
  • Repair for recurrent shoulder dislocation

Less common procedures such as nerve release, fracture repair, and cyst excision can also be performed using an arthroscope. Some surgical procedures, such as shoulder replacement, still require open surgery with more extensive incisions.


He is a very personable Doctor. He listened to all I had to say about my injury. My surgery went very well and I am recovering faster than expected.
A. Maxwell
I have received really great care from Doctor Levinsohn for almost a year now. I am so happy that I landed here and highly recommend.
L. Janet
I was there for my medical examination. From setting up appointment, registration, consultation and check up process.
And my pleasant hassle free experience there reassured my right choice.
B. Scott
I would not recommend a long-term relationship with Dr. Levinsohn. I think for health care matters, you will get high quality care from him.
D. Lane
He truely cares about his patients,and takes time for the best care possible. Fully recommendation for him
M. Henry
He is a very personable Doctor. He listened to all I had to say about my injury.
L. Barkley

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